Doll House


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Custom NZ designed laser cut Doll House.

Material: MDF (Custom wood)
Material Thickness: 4.75mm
Assembled dimensions: Length: 52cm x Width: 22cm x Height: 79cm
Package dimensions: Length: 60cm x Width: 42cm x Height: 4cm

Bottom rooms: 3
Mid rooms: 2
Upper room: 1
Attic room: 1
Room/story heights: 19.5cm
Bottom room Widths: 16cm
Mid room Widths: 24cm
Doorway dimensions: Width: 8cm x Height: 14.5cm
Styled windows
Open front

The model will come as a flat pack of sheets and requires a wood glue such as PVA to assemble.
By providing non assembled models we save you money on postage and assembly time.
We have found kids and parents love to spend time together and prefer to assemble models themselves. This provides a sense of accomplishment when playing with the model.
If you want more to do you can always paint the models to improve the look.
As the models are laser cut they have burn marks around the cut edges. We believe this adds an authentic look to the models and is not a defect.

Models designed and manufactured in Invercargill NZ.

Doll House Instructions v1.0